3 Super Crazy Cycles

1. Accident Proof Cycle
This is an accident-proof cycle. Its structure and look make it the craziest cycle. To make it accident-proof we have used 14 feet long circular steel pipe and 3 pcs of one-foot-long spring. At first, we cut the middle frame of the cycle and welded both parts with both ends of the circular pipe also welded two washers in the pipe to connect springs. After some modification, the cycle is ready to test. After testing we observe that it is working as we expected, it is protecting from a direct strike. For review, we went for public reaction and the reaction was amazing. You can watch the full video; the link of the video is at the bottom of this blog.

2. Horse Cycle:-

Our second crazy cycle is a horse cycle. If you want to feel horse riding without a horse you can make this cycle. The only modification we did in this cycle is, we took two wheels smaller than its original wheels and using some small and big spokes we reassembled the wheels. Now hub of wheels are not in the middle this mechanism allow this cycle to run with hopping just like horse.
3. Backward brain cycle :-
If you want to win bet using just a cycle you should make a backward brain cycle. This is also very easy to make . We have made it using following steps.
1. Remove the handle from head tube.
2. Take another head tube and weld a gear on the top of it and assemble the handle with it.
3. Weld a gear on the head tube of the cycle such that if first gear rotate clockwise the second gear should rotate anticlockwise
4. Now weld the both handle tube together .

Cycle is ready after these steps but it is not simple to drive. It needs practice. If you think you can drive this cycle at first attempt because you already know how to drive cycle, you are wrong. This cycle teaches us if we have knowledge about anything, it doesn’t mean that we have learnt it. Learning needs practice. 

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  • September 29, 2022 at 1:25 pm

    What an idea bro but you have the in your video to watch in english but they are not opening so what can we do and please give a in your YouTube channel to how to on it and my name abhishek prajapati I am 12 year old
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  • October 4, 2022 at 4:51 pm

    Sir ji यह रिंग मिल सकता है


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