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This is an awesome product. It flies when the air inside it gets hot by the Sun. It needs a big space like a cricket field. It works better in the morning. This balloon helps us to learn buoyancy, convection, thermodynamics, and solar power. I bought it from Amazon. It takes one month to reach me. you can buy solar balloon by this link –

This is Van de Graaff generator. It is very good science gadget to learn the concept of static electricity and other electric concepts. We can demonstrate many experiments using this generator. Hair rising, spark, moving fans etc are some experiments that we can do with it. You can buy by clicking amazon link below.

Van de Graaff generator

This is a plasma globe. This is also called plasma ball, dome, sphere, tube or orb, depending on the shape . Plasma globes are mainly used as curiosities or toys for their unique lighting effects and the “tricks” that can be performed on them by users moving their hands around them. They might also form part of a school’s laboratory equipment for demonstration purposes.

plasma globe


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