Creativity is the best part of our life. We all like to create amazing things. The best happiness we get when creative thoughts come into  reality. For many days I wanted to make a big monster bike and finally I have made it. In this blog I am going to share whole journey and process of making this monster bike so read the full article.
Monster bike or car need big tyres and dangerous looking parts. After some observation I decided to fix tractor’s wheels in my bike it can give giant shape. Fixing tractor’s wheels in small bike was very challenging because  it needs strong frame and gear mechanism to hold and run the wheels. Now I am going to explain how I increase the engine strength to run huge set up and how I set frame to hold big wheels. 
Gear Mechanism for Monster bike :-  
Wheels were heavy and the whole set up needs more power. The bike we used to make it has only 97cc engine. So to increase the strength of engine we modified the gears. You can see the set-up of gears in the picture that is below this paragraph. It increased the strength of set up. Now it can easily run the wheels along with bike.
Frame Mechanism for Monster bike :- 
Another big challenge was to hold these heavy wheels with bike and we did not have parts to connect wheels to the bike  because nobody use tractor’s wheel in bike so we made its parts like shaft, bearing mechanism and frame. You can see the picture below. The whole mechanism with its length. After fixing and welding each part properly the monster bike was ready to run on the road. We became happy after testing because all parts worked well. We did not fix break so for the protection we didn’t drive fastly. At slow speed it could stop at any time.
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