How to Make Bottle Cutter Machine at Home

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Hello friends, welcome to Bottle cutting is very interesting art. Bottle pieces use for various decorating purposes. Cutting the wine bottle is one of them. Today we will learn how to make a simple bottle cutter machine at home. There are many ways to cut bottles but we will make a bottle cutter machine12-volt battery. This is the simplest way to cut bottle. Here we have to use only heat. This system doesn’t require ice cold water.

Bottle cutter machine using a 12-volt battery

Materials Required:

  • A 12-volt battery
  • Two old torch batteries
  • Four battery clips
  • Two thick wires
  • Bottles
  • Gloves
  • Thick copper wire

Making Process :

  • Cut two old batteries and extract both carbon rod. 
  • Connect first carbon rod for positive terminal and another for the negative terminal. Bind it tightly.
  • Connect one wire to the positive terminal of the battery and second wire with the negative terminal of the battery.
  • Connect two clips for support.
  • We have to work with heat so wear gloves.
  • Put the rods so that they touch each other at both ends.
  • The rods will start heating.
  • Put the glass over the heated rods and spin it slowly.
  • Spin the bottle four to five times.
  • After spinning four to five times the bottle will cut in two pieces.
Note:-   This bottle cutter is for temporary use because the battery may damage if you cut many bottles at a time. Use it for cutting one or two bottles at a time. Must wear gloves and goggle while doing this.

Bottle Cutter Using Thread and fire:

Cutting a bottle using a thread is another very easy way to cut bottle. Here cold water and fire use to cut the bottle. The process is very simple anyone can do it by adopting simple safety. 

Materials Required :

  • A bottle of glass.
  • A cotton thread.
  • Cold water.
  • A lighter
  • Alcohol
  • Scissor
Making Process :
  • Cut a thread according to the size of the bottle by the scissors.
  • Bind cotton thread on the bottle.
  • Pour alcohol on the thread.
  • Lit fire to the thread by lighter.
  • Let the fire burn for some time.
  • Spin the bottle time to time.
  • When the thread burn put the bottle in the cold.
  • Remove the bottle after some time.
  • The bottle will cut in two pieces.

Science Behind It :

Here we burn a thread which isolates the change of temperature along one line so it cracks on that line. When a piece of glass exposed to heat will have the external surface heated and hence try to expand while the internal surface is not heated creating both tension and compression forces. When the glass bottle is subjected to ice cold water the surface starts to cool rapidly, this start adding stresses since the inside part of the glass is still hot. This will cause the bottle to crack.

I hope you like these two very simple ways to cut the bottles. Feel free to comment here. If you have any questions, suggestions for me and ideas please share with me. Subscribe to our website and my youtube channel.



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