How To Make Microscope Projector At Home

Hello friends welcome to hacker om. Today we are going to make simple microscope projector for science project .We will learn three ways by which we can project water micro particles on the wall or screen in hugely magnified.

Making microscope projector at home is very easy and fun. We can make it using household items like simple laser light, syringe and pencils. These items are easily available in nearby shops. Anyone can make it because this is safe and easy.

Materials Required :- A laser light, Syringe, two pencils, wooden pieces, glue gun, rubber bands, test tube, clear orbeez ball, white screen and dark room.

Process Of Making :-

1 : Insert one pencil in the hole of wooden piece.

2 : Bind another pencil horizontally to first pencil using rubber band.

3 : Bind syringe vertically to the second pencil. It will hold the water drop.

4 : Stick a small wooden piece in front of syringe’s tip.

5: Stick the laser on the small wooden piece.

6 : Set the syringe tip so that water drop touch the beam of laser.

7 : Microscope projector is ready to use now. Switch the button of laser light in front of wall and observe the image.

8 : Fill the water in test tube and hold it at the angle of 60 degree in front of laser beam. This way we can also project water microscopic creatures.

9 : Hold the clear orbeez ball between two fingers and hit the light beam of laser through it. This way we can also project water particles. But in this method particles do not moves but can see clear projection.

NOTE :- Water should be clear for this project because if it is not clear we cannot see the image clearly.

Science Behind It :- It is very simple to understand. The water droplet behaves like a very strong lens since it takes the shapes of a vertically stretched ball. The laser beam hits the droplet and then emerges on the other side hugely magnified. Therefore creates a large projection on the wall or white screen. All the floating particles inside the drop are also magnified. This way you can see those microscopic creatures on the wall.

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