How to Make Rocket

As I told in the video I shall explain the full details of my rocket. So I am going to explain.

For any simple model rocket, we need four things motor, a rocket body, fins, and a nose cone. We also need rocket fuel. First of all, let’s know what are the functions of all of these parts.

Rocket Motor

The rocket motor contains fuel. Rocket fuel is made up of fuel and an oxidizer. It has a nozzle that produces thrust. Sufficient thrust is needed to fly a rocket.


Fins keep the rocket flying straight. Without fins, the rocket would tumble out of control.

Nose Cone

The nose cone carries the payload. To minimize friction, the nose cone should have a rounded or bullet shape. This gives the rocket a small frontal area.

Rocket Body

The rocket body holds the motor and payload. Fins are attached to the rocket body.

Now I am going to explain from where I get all these things. For the rocket body, I took a thin pipe from a broom. This pipe is strong but very light that’s why I used it. For fins, I bought a small tin sheet from a scrap store. To make the nose cone I used an aluminum sweet can. To make fuel for the rocket I bought potassium nitrate, sulfur powder, and Iron oxide from a chemical shop.

How I made The Rocket Fuel

Rocket fuel is the most important part of the rocket. If rocket fuel is not powerful rocket will not fly. So it is very necessary to make powerful and good rocket fuel. Although there are many types of rocket fuel I made sugar rocket fuel for my rocket. I used 14:7:7:1 of potassium nitrate, sugar, sulfur, and iron oxide for fuel. Friends potassium nitrate and sugar are not enough for fuel that is why I used sulfur to increase the burning rate of fuel and iron oxide to increase thrust. Safety while cooking the fuel is very necessary. We must use an induction cooker to cook the fuel. I cooked fuel at 100 to 120 degrees Celsius. After cooking I filled it in the motor. We call motor to fuel tank. With a steel rod, we made a hole in the middle of the motor.

Rocket Stability

Before we discuss other parts of the rocket. Let’s learn something about rocket stability. Rocket stability is the most important part of rocket flight. If the rocket is not stable it will not fly straight. I also failed many times to fly my rocket straight. For rocket stability, the center of gravity and center of pressure should be in the right position. Insert the rocket motor in the body and tie a thread with the rocket body and find the center of gravity by changing the position of the thread. We can increase the position of the center of gravity and center of pressure by changing the size of fins and putting weight on the top. The Center of pressure should be behind the center of gravity. At last, rotate the rocket using thread if the rocket rotates smoothly without changing its direction then the rocket is stable.

How I Made Other Parts of the Rocket

I have made three rocket fins using an 8.5 cm wide tin sheet. Rocket body is made of iron pipe of length 54 cm. The length of the motor is 16cm and it is also an iron pipe. The height of the nose cone is 13cm and it is made of aluminum. We have weld fins on one end of the rocket body and attach nose cone to the other end and nozzle cap to the motor pipe.

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