World’s First Aloe Vera Battery

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A lot of chemicals are used to make batteries. This causes a lot of damage to our environment. After using the Battery, we throw it around us which causes Soil pollution, Water pollution, Air pollution, and many diseases. To reduce all these diseases and pollution, India’s Rajasthan Technical University Nimisha Varma and Naveen Suman, and Team Aloe e-Cell have created a battery that is the world’s first Eco-friendly battery. This Battery is 1.5 V which is made using Aloe Vera and some herbal extracts. It does not cause an explosion because it does not have the same Potassium Hydroxide as explosive electrolytes. It can also be easily recycled and refilled. This battery is used in toys, remotes, watches Cell, and much more. 1 Kg Aloe Vera to 125 Aloe e-Cell can be made. Aloe e-Cell company has not yet explained how it is made. But we can make an Aloe Vera battery with the help of zinc and carbon rod or other electrodes.

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