8-wheeler cycle

This is the craziest cycle we have ever made. Eight wheels, crazy design and its heavy weight has made it a totally monster cycle. We have made it just for fun. All the eight wheels are movable. Design of this cycle is very easy; we have used a long chain to rotate only one wheel and the rest of the wheels are rotating by the friction of the first wheel. All the wheels are attached by strong iron pipe in a circular manner to reduce the height of the cycle and crazy look.

The main challenge was that how to drive it because it is very long and heavy but with the help of some guys and a little bit of practice, we did it. The cycle was running smoothly. We can’t drive this cycle on the road because of safety.

Chainless Cycle

This is our another crazy cycle. The crazy part of this cycle is that it has no chain, no gear, no seat, no movable pedal but still it runs. A unique design of this cycle has made it possible to work. As you can see in the picture that it has two wheels, front wheel is normal, but the second wheel is not normal means the design of this wheel is different. The difference between normal wheel and this wheel is that normal wheel has hub in the middle but in this modified wheel the hub is not in the middle the spokes are of different size some are big, and some are small. These changes or design allow the wheel to rotate not in a circular way but in a zig zag way. This zig zag rotation allows cycle to run on jumping, means when we jump it stores energy and this energy allows this cycle to run. With a little practice we can drive this cycle. While running It looks crazy and feels like we are on the horse.

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