How To Make Gravity Battery

How To Make Gravity Battery

There are many types of batteries in the world but the gravity battery is the best battery among them. It is pollution free, non toxic, highest durability, chemical free battery. In future these batteries could be the best power storage device. There are two simple ways to make it at home (1) Using bicycle wheels and (2) Using water tank . In this blog I have mentioned whole process of making it. Let’s start.

1. Using Bicycle Wheels :-


In this technique we need two cycle wheels with its holder, cycle dynamo, 30 to 40 feet long cycle chain, flat wood for base.
Remove tyre from one wheel and fix both wheel on wood leaving 3 inch space as shown in the figure. Connect first wheel to sprocket of second wheel using chain. Fix dynamo to the wheel that has tyre. Now connect the long chain to the sprocket of first wheel and tie a heavy load with it.
Our set up is ready, now put the whole set up at the corner of roof or any higher place and leave the load slowly, the long chain will rotate first wheel and the second chain will rotate the second wheel multiple times of first wheel  and it will rotate the dynamo thousands times in just one rotation of first wheel. This way it will generate electricity till the load fall down.
How it Works :- 
These type of battery needs an unique type of mechanism that allow the load to fall down very slowly but rotation of dynamo should very fast. Load has gravitational potential energy when it is at the top and when it starts falling it has kinetic energy which can be use as energy source of our electricity generation.
Disadvantages of This Battery:- 
Although this battery has many advantages it has some disadvantages too. Following are some disadvantages.
1. It takes huge space
2. Recharge process needs other energy sources
3. It is very expensive.
If we solve these problems we can improve it and it will be the best battery in the future.


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