5 Ways to Make Tree using Chemistry

There are unlimited chemical reactions but some of them are amazing and looks beautiful. In this blog we’re going to know five ways to make chemical trees.

1. How to Make Tin Tree


It is most beautiful metallic tree. To make it we need tin chloride, zinc plate, 9 volts dc supply, 2-3 drops sulfuric acid, beaker and water.
Steps to make it are:-
1. Fill the beaker with water
2. Mix half spoon of tin chloride and 2-3 drops of sulfuric acid into the water.
3. Connect one electrode of 9 volts supply with zinc and another with copper and dip it into the water. Make sure both electrode do not touch each other.
4. Switch on the power supply.
Tin tree will start growing.

2. How to Make Silver Tree

It is very easy to make. We need silver nitrate, copper rod and water. Fill the beaker with water, mix 2- 3 gram silver nitrate in it and place tree shaped copper rod. In 5 to 10 minutes silver tree start growing. This tree is most glamorous chemical tree. Must remove insulation layer from copper.

3. How to Make Lead Tree

This tree is also very easy to make. We need lead nitrate, zinc plate, beaker and water.
Fill the beaker with water and mix half spoon of lead nitrate in it and with a small rod hang the zinc plate in the solution. Soon the lead crystal formation will start. It looks like metallic tree.

4 How to Make Salt Tree


This tree takes time to grow but result is amazing, it looks like snowy tree covered with snow. It needs table salt, potassium ferrocyanide, hot water, liquid soap, petri dish and small tree shaped paper cardboard. 
Steps to make it :- 
1. Pour hot water in petri dish.
2. Mix half spoon of table salt and 1/4 spoon of potassium ferrocyanide in it.
3. Mix 1 to 2 drop of liquid soap. The solution is ready.
4. Put the small paper cardboard in the solution and leave it for 24 hours.
After 12 to 24 hours tree will loaded with salt crystals and look like snowy tree. 

5. How to Make Lichtenberg Tree 


This tree is very dangerous to make so do not try to make it unless you are expert in electricity. It needs a high voltage transformer of microwave oven, a wooden sheet and salt and water. 
Connect one terminal of microwave transformer to corner of the wooden sheet and another terminal with another corner of wood. Apply salt solution on the surface of wood and after that switch on the power supply. In few seconds the tree will grow by high voltage burn.

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